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Baby Sharko!!

Baby Sharko!

Well, actually, a  new smallshaako,or bridge…is being built just behind our school at Char Horish, in the far south of Bangladesh’s very wet delta region.   With the floodwaters from Cyclone Fani, which caused havoc in eastern India in recent weeks, now subsiding, and the monsoon proper about to hit, there is a small window of opportunity to build a new bridge at the school to replace the rickety bamboo construction that has served the kids (and parents) of the district for the last years.  The creek, about 20 metres or 60 feet wide and often swiftly flowing, took the life of one child last year, and this year almost cost the life of one of our school teachers and her baby when she slipped and fell into the water.  Only the quick-thinking of family members who could hear her cries for help averted tragedy on that occasion, but when I visited the school with my PhD student Pratima Durga earlier this year, we were determined not to see another close call.  
Theshaakowill be …

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