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A school is a school…or is it? - Cath Beaumont

I’m a Primary teacher visiting a Primary School in Bangladesh. How different could it be?

The answer is…completely! My whole trip to Bangladesh was an eye-opener from the first minute to the last.

When I initially decided to join the St Leonard’s tour to visit Co-ID schools on Bhola Island I did what any Geography trained teacher would do and consulted Google maps. “Hmm, Bhola Island is a long way from Dhaka, I need to find out how we’ll get there. There are overnight ferries, I guess that’s the answer. Hope they are safe!” One documentary later and I began swimming training three times a week so if the ferry sank I knew I could swim to the edge! 
Shock Number 1: The Ferry Having limited experience on ferries such as the Queenscliff- Sorrento and Kangaroo Island ferries, I was overwhelmed when we got to the port and saw so many ferries. All looked similar and all had their destinations written only in Bangla. Luckily we had Fred and Faruk with us to direct us to the …

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