Trunk Road

The trunk of a coconut palm acts as a simple bridge across one of the many gullies crisscrossing the wetlands of Bhola Island Bangladesh.   These make-shift bridges are sometimes made of single trunks, but also of bamboo, crossing fast flowing permanent streams or monsoon-only gutters.  You’ll note the roads are often narrow like this one, just room for a couple of bicycles or motorbikes to pass, and for kinder students or Year 1 or 2 children, breaks in the road such as this one can quickly escalate into hurdles that prevent access to school.

Fred Hyde Schools are working with the communities to build better bridges. Importantly a good bridge has a low handrail for little children to use.

Bridges can change lives by connecting children to schools. This is so important on a mud island like Bhola Island where wet season brings extra streams and even rivers across paths that are fine in the dry season.


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